Ukraine: A year of war

At the occasion of the anniversary of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, one year ago, Andreas Langen and Hartmann Projects invite you to take a photographic look at this war and its prehistory.
We collected pictures from photographers who have dealt with the conflict intensively and over long periods of time. Andreas Langen (arge lola) will show them as a projection with live commentary and background explanations in our exhibition space. Afterwards there will be the possibility to discuss and reflect on the imressions of the projected pictures.

Please let us know by February 23 if you want to participate: Tel. 0711 722 13 91 or email:

When: 24.2.2023, 7 pm

Beginn des Vortrags at 7.45 pm

Hartmann Projects Breitscheidstr. 48

Im Innenhof, 70176 Stuttgart

© Robin Hinsch, aus der Serie »Kowitsch«